Blue Ball, PA

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Blue Ball Hotel, 1910-1920 (1)
The blue ball is right of top floor.

"Blue Ball is a settlement at the junction of the Old Paxtang and Horseshoe roads. It has at present a post-office and a few dwellings. The land on which it is located was part of the large tract taken up by the Weavers. On the 27th of august, 1766, Robert Wallace purchased twelve acres of Jacob Weaver. He soon after established a store and erected a tavern, which was opened at the sign of 'The Blue Ball.' He remained here until November, 1778, when he sold to Peter Grim. His son John entered his father's store, and for many years after was engaged in mercantile and agricultural pursuits, and for thirty-two years a ruling elder in Cedar Grove Presbyterian Church. The tavern stand was noted many years as a noted hostelry on the Old Paxtang road." (2 p820)

Description of Blue Ball and picture provided by Romaine Stauffer.
-- dg 2014 Aug 3


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