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Good Family Immigrants Plant Roots, 1737
Founded by Samuel Bowman, 1820

Pine Grove Church
Along Route 625 in Bowmansville

Early Settlers on Muddy Creek, 1737

Anna Good (GC1) (Mrs. John Musselman)
Jacob Good (GC2), Christian Good (GC3)

Farming in Lancaster County (3)

The settlers' pages and notes (2,4) tell more about the early settlement and later history of Bowmansville. Note (1) has more photos.

In the PA Dutch country of Lancaster Co., PA
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Family Connection

Our ancestor Jacob Good (GC2), his sister Anna and her husband John Musselman immigrated together from Germany in 1732. Before settling along Muddy Creek in 1737 near what later became the town of Bowmansville, they spent about five years in the Weaverland, PA area. They were joined in moving to Muddy Creek by with John and Anna's younger brother Christian Good (GC3).

National Historic Places

John B. Good House

Photos by Romaine Stauffer, 2006

Bowmansville Roller Mill

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