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A National Historic Place

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Good's Mill

Originally known as Good's Mill, it was the first grist mill in Brecknock township when built by [an error occurred while processing this directive] in the late 1730s on a branch of Muddy Creek near what is now Bowmansville, PA.

Von Neida Mill

Christian's mill stayed in the Good family for three generations until 1846 when it was sold to Henry Von Neida. He rebuilt the mill in 1850 after some parts of it were destroyed by a fire.

Von Neida Mill ca. mid 1930's (1)
North (Front) and West Faces

Restored Mill

Today the mill is restored and appears on the National Register of Historic Places. More details and photos appear in (1-2). Some of the mill history and its restored operation appear on video (3).

South Face (back) and Sawmill (red)
Research and photo by Romaine Stauffer. (2)

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