This is a list of major sources of information. Other pages may have additional sources. The sources here are listed alphbetically by author. They are listed by first name in the same way as on the people page. This page is shrinking as I gradually change the format for references and move them to the pages of their authors.

[AA 2003] An American Atlas: 17 Maps of the U. S. Colonial Period (1783-1796). This book gives neither publisher nor date of publication. I purchased it on 2003 August 16. From its introduction, "'The American Atlas' was published in 1796 in New York by John Reid, ...."

[AG/1999-08/DG] Archie Good. Collected Material. Materials on the Good and Gaiser families inherited by Millie Croy from her father Archie Good. Copy provided to Don Good Aug 1999.

[BB 1981] Beatrice Bailey. The Good Family Heritage Book. Beatrice Bailey, Inc. 1981.

[BB1 1998-07] Blakley Good Bunning. I. B. Good Family Reunion 1998. 21 Jul 1998.

[BC ...] See Bruce Catton.

[BF ...] See Jane Evans Best.

[BG 1957] See [WB 1957].

[BG 1979] Bernard Grun. The Timetables of History. Simon & Schuster, New York, 1975, 1979.

[BH 2001] Bernice Ladd Harrelson. Ancestral/Biographical Sketch. GUTH/GUTT/GOOD NEWSLETTER #29, March/April 2001.

[BW/2000/DG] Betty Williamson. Collected Material. Copies of US Census and land indenture records of Joel and Susanna Good in Moniteau Co., MO in the 1870's.

[CD 1764] Christopher Dock. A Hundred Necessary Rules for Conduct for Children. Originally published, 1764; Hazelwood Press, Lancaster, PA, 1993; reprinted 1993, 1994, 1995.

[CE 1998] Carrie Eldridge. An Atlas of Applachain Trails to the Ohio River. CDM Printing, Inc. Huntington, WV. 1998.

[CE 1999] _____________. An Atlas of Southern Trails to the Mississippi. CDM Printing, Inc. Huntington, WV, 1999.

[CE 2000] _____________. An Atlas of Northern Trails Westward from New England. CDM Printing, Inc. Huntington, WV, 2000.

[CE 2001] _____________. An Atlas of Trails West of the Mississippi River. CDM Printing, Inc. Huntington, WV, 2001.

[CG 1998] Cynthia Jones Good. I. B. Good Family Reunion 1998. 4 Jul 1998.

[DG ...] See Donald I Good.

[DM 1885] Atlas Marion County, Kansas (Chicago: Davy Map and Atlas Co., 1885). Also (Kansas Historical Society; accessed 2012 Nov 24). Marion Co., KS. This atlas was reproduced by Virgil Litke in 1992 from an original. The complete title is "Atlas of Marion County, Kansas, Compiled from Actual Surveys and the County Records, To Which is Added Maps of the State, United States and World."

[DW 1995] Dale K. & Verlene Vaughn Weber. The Peter Good Family Book, 1530-1995. Dale K. & Verlene Weber, Bath, MI, 1995.

[EG 2001] Ed Gaulin. Report on Genetics and Genealogy. Guth/Gutt/Good Newsletter, #29-III. April 1, 2001.

[EH] See Edward Ulric Huguenin.

[EK 1998] See Elouise Good King.

[FG ...] See Floyd Good.

[FM 1976] See [PF 1976]

[GJ 1975] Gloria Jahoda. The Trail of Tears. 1975. Wing Books, 1995 Edition. This is the story of the removal of the American Indian from east of the Mississippi during the years 1813-1855.

[GO 1921] Standard Atlas of Marion County Kansas (George A. Ogle & Co., Publishers & Engravers, 1921). Also (Accessed 2011 Dec 21). Marion Co., KS. My mother, Jane Good, tells me that this atlas belonged to my grandfather I. B. Good. The complete title is "Standard Atlas of Marion County Kansas including a Plat Book of the Villages, Cities and Townships of the County, Map of the State, United States and World, Patrons Directory, Reference Business Directory and Departments devoted to General Information, Analysis of the System of U. S. Land Surveys, Digest of the System of Civil Government, etc. etc."

[GT ...] See Ginny Good Traycik.

[HC 1950] Helen Marie Cooper (Edited by Gertrude Helen Cooper). The Wealth She Gathered, Chapman & Grimes, Inc., 1950. This is the story of the migration of the Cooper family from New England to Peabody, Kansas. It is a good source of information about the history of Peabody.

[HF ...] See Howard C. Francis.

[HG 2001-08-05] Herbert Good. Updating "Descendants of Peter Good." GUTH/GUTT/GOOD NEWSLETTER #31, July/August 2001.

[IHS 1968] Maps of Indiana Counties in 1876 together with the Plat of Indianapolis and a Sampling of Illustrations. Indiana Historical Society, 1968. Reprinted from Illustrated Historical Atlas of the Sate of Indiana, Published by Baskin, Forster & Company, Chicago, 1876.

[JBG 1957] See [WB 1957].

[JG 1982] Jane Huguenin Good, "As I Remember" (1982). Also localhost/family/peo...s/1982/11-23/hs.html (2002 Jul 1)..

[JG 1998-07] ____________. I. B. Good Family Reunion 1998. 16 Jul 1998.

[JLG 2001-06] John L. Good. Family History Collection. 27 June 2001. These are photos and papers about the Good and Gaiser families. Some these were with Joel Good's family bible when it was inherited by John according to the will of Joel's daughter Minnie Good Winey.

[JH 2001] See Julius Huguenin.

[JI 1996] John Ise. Sod and Stubble. University Press of Kansas, 1996. This "nonfiction novel" is the story of the author's parents, Henry and Rosa Ise, homesteading in Osgood Co, KS in the 1870's.

[JL 1985] J. Murray Luck. A History of Switzerland. The First 100,000 Years: Before the Beginnings to the Days of the Present. The Society for the Promotion of Science and Scholarship, Inc. 1985.

[JMvA ...] See Jean-Marc von Allmen.

[JR 1993] Joachim Remak. A Very Civil War: The Swiss Sonderbund War of 1847. Westview Press, Inc. 1993.

[JW 1905] Joseph H. Wenger. History of the Descendants of Abraham Beery. Joseph Wenger, 1905; reprinted by Selby Publishing, Kokomo, IN, 1989.

[KG 1998-09] Kerri Fredrick Good. I. B. Good Family Reunion 1998. 9 Sep 1998.

[KS 1999] [an error occurred while processing this directive]

[KS1 2001] Kirkpatrick Sale. The Fire of His Genius: Robert Fulton and the American Dream. The Free Press, A Division of Simon Schuster, New York. 2001

[LAM 1995] Lowell A. May. Camp Concordia. Sunflower University Press, 1995. This is a book that was put together as part of the 50th anniversary of the closing of the camp in 1945. It lists many of the prisoners.

[LCI 1999] Passenger and Immigration Lists: Germans to America, 1875-1888. The Learning Company, Inc., CD356, 1999. Viewing this CD requires the Family Tree Maker program. It also can be purchased from The Learning Company. What a deal!

[LM GGGN] Leon J. Mertensotto, Ed. Guth/Gutt/Good Newsletter. This excellent source of information is published bi-monthly on the Guth/Gutt/Good Research Group web site. The user name and password of the web site is required for login. These can be obtained by joining the group. There is no charge for joining.

[LW 1969] Mrs. Leslie A. Ward. History of the Concordia Prisoner of War Camp. The Kansan Printing House, Inc. Concordia, KS. Printing 1969 and 1982. This is a short history by Mrs. Ward, who worked at the camp.

[MB 1998]. Marianne Bell. Frontier Family Life, A Photographic Chronical of the Old West. Barnes and Noble Books, 1998.

[MC 2000-09] Millie Good Croy. I. B. Good Family Reunion 1998. 21 Sep 2000.

[MBC 1997] Mary Chesnut. A Diary from Dixie. Editted by Isabel D. Martin and Myrta Lockett Avery. Random House Value Publishing, Inc., 1997. Her diaries during the US Civil War, upon which this book is based, are considered one of the finest literary works of the Confederacy.

[MFH] Mennonite Family History. A quarterly genealogy magazine published by the Masthof Publishing and Printing Co. 219 Mill Road, Morgantown, PA 19543-9701, 610-286-0258.

[MG 2000] Magellan Geographix United States History Atlas. Geographix, Santa Barbara, CA, 2000.

[MP] Mil Penner. Section 27: A Century on a Family Farm. University Press of Kansas, 2002. This is a story of 100 years on a family farm near Inman, KS.

[MR 1987] Milton Rubincam, Pitfalls in Genealogical Research (Ancestry. Inc., 1987). Some of this is tedious reading, but this small 74 page book comes highly recommended from a variety of sources, and the main points can be learned without slogging through the tedium.

[OH 1977] Oscar Huguenin, "Family History Collection" (1977). Selections localhost/family/ (2001 Sep 4). These are family history items inherited by Jane Huguenin Good from her father Oscar.

[PF ...] See Phyllis Fulk.

[PG/1999/DG] Paul Good. Family History. Letter to Donald I Good.

[PHS 1888] Philip H. Sheridan. The Personal Memoirs of P. H. Sheridan. 1888. Da Capo Press Edition, 1992.

[PMH] Pennsylvania Mennonite Heritage . A publication of Lancaster Mennonite Historical Society, 2215 Millstream Road, Lancaster, PA, 17602-1499, Phone 717-393-9745.

[POB 1984] Patrick G. O'Brien, Thomas D. Isern, R. Daniel Lumley. Stalag Sunflower: German Prisoners of War. In Kansas in Kansas History, Vol. 7, No. 4, Autum 1984. Kansas State Historical Society.

[PR 2001] Parke Rouse, Jr. The Great Wagon Road from Philadelphia to the South. The Dietz Press, Richmond, Virginia, reprinted 2001.

[RG ...] See Richard Good.

[RG2 1987] Rufus E. Good. Descandants of Jacob Good. Rufus E. Good, New Holland, PA. April 1987.

[RH ...] See Ruth Hershberger.

[SvA ...] See Sarah von Allmen.

[SvM 1972] Sondra Van Meter. Marion County Kansas, Past and Present. M. B. Publishing House, 1976. This is a 344 page history of Marion County. It contains a separate chapter on each town in the county.

[TA 1999-09] Teresa Good Ashchraft. Family Tree. Family Tree Maker File Teresa.FTW, Sep, 1999.

[TR/2000-10/JG] Tharen Jones Robson. Collected Material. Information provided to Jane Good on Durward Proctor, wife Emma Huguenin, and daughter Opal Jones.

[UG 1885] U. S. Grant. Personal Memoirs of U. S. Grant. Mount MacGregor, New York, July 1, 1885. Konecky & Konecky, Old Saybrook, CT. No date. ISBN: 0-914427-67-9. Purchased Feb, 2002.

[VA 1928] Victor Attinger (Ed.). Dictionnaire of Historique & Biographique de la Suisse. Tome Quatrreme. Heggli-Montreux. Neuchatel Administration du Dictionnaire Historique et Bibliogrphique de la Suisse. 1928. Huber pp 171-177, Huguenin pp 182-183.

[VG 1990] Val D. Greenwood, The Researcher's Guide to American Genealogy (Baltimore, MD: Genealogical Publishing Co., 1990)..

[WB 1957] William Beery and Judith Beery Garber. Beery Family History. Brethern Publishing House, Elgin, Illinois, 1957.

[WM 1999] Whitney Martinko. Good Family Photos. 1999. Photos of grave marker of Magdalena Good, and of Samuel Good and wife Elizabeth Miller.

[WTS 1886] William Tecumseh Sherman. Memoirs of General William T. Sherman. Revised edition, 1886. The Library of America, Literary Classics of the United States, 1990.

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